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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
 Tyfoooon Tuesday
need sleep, need food, not rain rain rain

Packing is tricky!

Teachers were going to help me move all the last furniture, everything, out this morning but due to the weather they're going to do it after I leave tomorrow! I did my best and packed nice neat labeled boxes, just like if I were moving. I hope it makes it easier for them.

Soon I should pack the modem to send back. I should also stop by 7-eleven and get food. My feet are drowning, too long standing. wooooo

I didn't sleep much, but it's only 8pm in LA. So maybe I can sleep when it's tonight in LA. The gas and electricity bills come between 5 and 7pm here. Then I can wake up at midnight and clean and then...at 8:20 Kyoto-sensei is coming to take me to the station. Where is the time going?!

As the left pocket and I leave, I'm happy about Japan and my journey to where I am now. ..I forgot what I was going to say. Oh, I haven't had an appetite the last couple days. Still, I've eaten lots of good food while here. I'll miss the dango and kenchin udon!

Bye bye Japan, I'll miss you!
Sunday, July 24, 2005
9am eat pancakes & tape TV, erase messages, clean jars, clear paths to door
10am check Lloyd's -> bank (0. check acc't 1. water bill 2. Lloyd's 3. close acc't) OR school to get stuff under desk
~12-1pm gym (before 4pm), eat lunch
4pm Hani-kyotosensei & Recycle shop
?pm finish packing both suitcases
?pm dinner
~9pm turn off fridge, empty food containers
prepare all things to go to school 9am next morning.
put out recyclables, burnables X street
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
 She was dancing to Please Please Me with headphones on
I got a funny e-mail:

"This is Ms. [teacher who sits next to me] writing .
I would like to inform you what kind of food I prepared for supper.
First of all,  cooked rice, miso soup and some pickles .
Then boiled vegetables , sasimi ( tuna fish ), fried NIGAURI ( a kind of squash,  a bitter taste).
Good-bye ."
Thursday, July 07, 2005
 1.5% fat milk
Other kyotosensei bought my SONY rajio-kase, woohoo.

I might get my plane ticket refund next Friday.

I forgot about the Fourth of July until late that night.

Did I mention the cockroaches went away about four nights after the first sighting?

It's a nice bright day but not too hot.
 T-shirt is a design by Yoshitomo Nara
Teacher who sits next to me treated me to my craved kenchin udon today at lunch. For the first time she mentioned her son today. He's "more than thirty" years old and has a wife and lives in Tokyo.

Still getting frustrated at "work" ... I should say, getting even more frustrated at "work" now that the end is near. Remind self to dig out pension booklet.

Wow, farewell parties for me. Where to have? Oh, I had udon for lunch, let's have it at a soba/udon place ka naa... yes, cheap and simple and casual. I feel sorry for teacher(s) trying to organize it. Instead of a party on MY behalf, I wish I could think of something more time-worthy and enjoyable for all. It's bad enough feeling like they were forced to have me in the classroom with them; now I'm forcing them to have a dinner for me.

Anyway! Ran for about 25min at 10.4-11km/h then walked about 5min at around 7km/h. Weights, low impact class with substitute, the yoga instructor lady I like. She's very energetic and a good instructor.

Long IM time with Ma, was nice.

Sold bed and shelf, so happy. Clearing things out is fun.

Quaker Quakes are yummy and few calories!

Weather...always almost raining. Warm.

Bed time, goodnight.
Thursday, June 30, 2005

Why does sour stuff make you involuntarily wink?

Plums here aren't purple and red like the ones I'm used to at home. They're yellow and orange like nectarines. They're not very big either. Still, I am enjoying them. I gave one to teacher who sits next to me and she said when she was young plums had very big seeds and not much fruit. They've been improved within her lifetime.

A few days ago she had a plum that she'd picked up off the ground but she'd also picked up a frenzy of ants with it! I had to point out to her that they were coming out of the pit; she had seen some but didn't realize how many there were. It made me shudder..yuck! Then it was funny and she laughed as she emptied her bag to make sure there weren't ants running loose. She had to get two or three at the bottom.

Before the ant problem, she'd given me a dish of cherry tomatoes grown by someone in her husband's family who is a farmer. They were nice and meaty and tasty. Very clean. It's nice to grow your own food.

Today was the annual Appreciation Ceremony for ALTs. Our certificates are proof that we worked for the contracting organization. Gotta take it home with me.

Early this morning, about 6am, it was pouring steadily. Luckily by midday when I had to go out it was clear. I have at least 2 mosquito bites on my feet from one night when the net was drooping onto my feet so the bug was able to get me. Otherwise I feel like either the mosquitos are fewer than usual or I've learned to minimize opportunity for them to touch me or maybe I'm not as tasty to them for some reason! I hope the last. Maybe they can sense fear. I'm not scared of them anymore.

Rilakkuma is cute. I have too many toys to take home.
Saturday, June 25, 2005
 Another Year, Another Bunkasai

Today was super hot, 35 degrees, but I'm not complaining because I had a great day. The left pocket and his visiting brother joined me at base school's cultural festival. We played games and lots of students recognized me this year and excitedly said hello and what's up! I even recognized some students from visit school who came to see the bunkasai.

Tomorrow is another full day of bunkasai. Will it be as hot??
Thursday, June 23, 2005
 School People

U-kyotosensei bought my iron and board and gave me 20000yen for them. After I looked at the amount I tried to say it was too much but he wouldn't hear it. In another attempt I returned most of it as otsuri and still he would only take 10000 back. He's too nice. I feel bad for letting him ask about it and buy it in the first place because I didn't realize he was just being nice.

As part of mentally preparing to leave Japan, I'm supposed to think of the five people I'll miss most. That would be Fukuhara-sensei (motherly teacher at visit school), Furuya-sensei (motherly/friendly teacher at base school), Tokita-sensei (teacher who sits next to me), and that's about it.

Maki wrote to me saying she's okay but lonely living alone to attend Sophia University.

Chisaki wrote to me saying she was accepted to all the graduate schools she applied to but she chose State University of New York at Albany. She's leaving Japan August 15th.

Only one student teacher this year talked to me. She was the most confident and energetic of the three English student teachers, as far as I could tell. I actually had two chances to team teach with her instead of the usual teacher. It was nice; too bad I wasn't even told until it was happening. On their demo lesson plans only that one made the most out of her English ability, typing her name, class time, targets, etc. in English. I could hardly tell that the other plans were for an English class.

Saori wrote me saying she traveled to Oregon and Canada but summer quarter is starting and she has to work again. She will be coming back to Japan for awhile and wanted to visit her old school and see me but I think I will be back home when she comes.

The school cafeteria has yakiniku bowls now. They are yummy. Only 300yen.

Rained a little in the morning. Temperature still high 20s. In the coming days it's supposed to be up to mid-30s.

Market took away their generic brand of low-fat milk. Now there's only ONE brand of low-fat milk. The only choices are 3.5% fat or higher.

Seize the food, for Japan is time-service only! In other words, this blog is to preserve, share, and make the most of my six months left living in Japan. Yes, I am obsessed with food. Cheap food!

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