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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
 Chicken is an Animal
Today I had planned to get some things accomplished, to avoid the guilt. These were 1)get through at least two days in the Japanese textbook before eating lunch, and 2)grade a whole class' paragraphs.

I did my studying, ate lunch, and never touched the paragraphs.

shio ramen
Today I felt like having ramen. Even this morning I knew it would be ramen. As lunchtime approached I thought, If they have shio ramen today then I'm having ramen. To me, clear saltyness would cut the oilyness better than cloudy miso. As fate would have it I walked into the shokudo and there on the menu under ramen 250yen it said shio. The noodles were made to order so they were nice and chewy! On top were wakame, corn, kamaboko, a slice of chicken, and negi. The soup was very tasty, almost too salty, but good. Strangely it reminded me of saimin, a pleasant surprise since I haven't had saimin in a long time. Speaking of surprises I couldn't believe how full I felt after lunch. Perhaps because I ended up sitting with the kyotos again and trying to talk while eating, I ate slower and my fullness was able to hit me while I was distracted.

Much of today's lunch discussion was about vegetarianism. First we talked about fish. I said I didn't eat fish before coming to Japan. Kyoto asked if I've eaten eel and I said yes which prompted him to keep asking about such-and-such fish but I don't really know what is what, I rarely eat it. He couldn't believe I didn't know what he was talking about and that I didn't like fish. I guess if you live in Japan you become very fish-minded and it is easy to forget that some people in the world don't eat much fish. It's like me coming to Japan and not understanding why Mexican food is so hard to be found. So I reminded him I was vegetarian in the States. I had to explain that there are different kinds of vegetarian because each person is different. Kyoto told me Japan was mostly vegetarian, besides the fish, long ago. It was after WWII that Japanese people ate more meat. Eating lunch with the kyotos again today was, as Kyoto2 said, tanoshii, but conversation was hard because there were loud happy Ss sitting behind me.

This morning it was raining and snowing. Snow is nice because it's not so wet and cold. Plus it's pretty!

Tonight I caught the moon when it was big, orange, and low.

A friend came over from another city to play GT4, the driving simulator. The left pocket, our friend, and I indulged in Shakey's (yes, derived from the one in California) baikingu, or buffet. I was too impatient to feel like taking pictures, throwing pieces of pizza onto my plate and all. I figured there will be another chance to feature Shakey's Japan.
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