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Thursday, January 27, 2005
 Japanese vs. Western
Excuse the hurried writing!

Today I got haircut, 1100yen.

I was reminded to grade those paragraphs ASAP.

Did my last TT, a genki class and then a really dead
one. I made a mistake and went to second half five
minutes early, didn't realize my mistake until the end
when the bell wasn't ringing. I turned the class back to
JTE and left. How embarrassing, but the JTE was
totally nice about it.

Had lunch with Kyoto, he asked why I take pics all the
time at lunch (I had prepared for this question by
looking up the word for "diary"), said I was keeping a
food diary to show friends and family, he laughed, but
told me about wafu vs. youfu, or Japanese-style vs.
Western-style, and the mixed culture of so many
Japanese foods (katsu curry, ramen, tarako
spaghetti, etc.).

wafu sauce katsudon
I ordered wafu sauce katsudon again by mistake when I
wanted the katsudon (with egg), asked Kyoto why one
was called wafu, or Japanese-style, when katsudon
itself is Japanese, he explained that the sauce made it
wafu, but the popular way was the dipped in egg one
which has a sweet taste (I'd never thought of them as
having different sauces). Katsu is usually pork katsu, or
beef katsu (katt-suteeki) but the one I ate was chicken,
Kyoto said chicken is used for katsu at our school only.
food was cold today. getting tired of it, know I'm not
eating well. Didn't want dinner

Surprisingly I hear the students eat two lunches
(their bento from home and then the one they buy at
school) and they like the cheesiest, fattiest food, the
doria (lots of cheese with oil oozing out, white
sauce, etc.)

Kyoto taught me that Japanese manners are to not
let hand rest on lap, but hold bowl up with it while
using chopsticks with other hand. When finished, lay
chopsticks down in front.

Kyoto introduced me to a passing student who just got
back from a year in New Zealand. She's friendly and
natural with English, wants to encourage other Ss to
go abroad but says they're too shy.

Also was introduced to lady in charge of night school
cafeteria, Kyoto told her to have me try the dinner
some time. It's a 280yen set menu at the night school
cafeteria, which opens after 6pm. I'm not at school
that late but I am curious how it'd be.

green curry set
dinner was at Asian Cup Stand. very nice and delicate in
the way that things are in Japan more often than in the
States. Green curry was hot, tasty, milky, with very soft
moist chicken and a fair amount of vegetables, not to
mention two big steamed buns. I love these buns, they
are like charsiu bao bread. I never see these sold in
Japan. jasmine tea was terribly strong and bitter but
why? did I steep it too long or was there just way too

much tea leaves in the filter. Set was 680yen.

Asian Cup Stand

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