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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
 2/14 Valentine's Day!!

On Monday at visit school I did the same as at base school, I passed out Hershey's Kisses in silly valentine envelopes I found from a previous ALT's supplies. It's fun seeing teachers get excited-happy about receiving something. I get the same way!


After passing out my cheesy valentines, a young teacher I call Mayaya came to my desk and brought me these walnut brownies in return! Homemade, she said. They were yummy!

Fumiyo came to school again (she's a third year so she is basically finished with school and isn't supposed to come!) to bring chocolates and cookies she made to distribute to teachers. She had mine in a little Elmo/Cookie Monster gift bag!

Fumiyo's Chocolates

Who's Ami?! All I'll say is that it's not me! It's the thought that counts. The foil hearts at the top edge are soft chocolates. Fumiyo
explained they are made from chocolate with cream added. Those were gooooood! I'm going to ask her for her recipes. I never used to like fudgey things but now I think the chewy melty kind of chocolate is my favorite.

Fumiyo's Cookies

Thick cookies! I was amazed they were cooked through. Fumiyo's a good baker. There were chocolate and sugar cookie flavor, and I'm not sure exactly what the tan Mickey's flavor was, coffee? Can you see Snoopy imprinted on the heart cookie? My favorite to eat was Anpanman.

At 7pm practically all the sweets counters and cases at the department store were empty. Chocolates were gone, cheesecakes were gone, cakes were gone, tarts, even pastries and breads at the bakery were sparse. It's kind of exciting, Valentine's Day in Japan. I was touched by how much work goes into homemade chocolates and other delicate little things. It's more personal, even if all you do is melt and re-mould some storebought chocolate, than flowers or an ugly box of assorted chocolates. Unfortunately Valentine's probably is not as fun for the kids in Japan as it is for kids in the US. It's a bit like Christmas in that respect.

Berry Deceiving

My Valentine's Day dessert... This berry tart wasn't very good. The tart part was especially disappointing, a soggy bland crumble. The berries were mostly sour. What are those little round pink ones? They have an interesting pop but after that it seems like a lot of
chewing seeds and skin.

The left pocket liked it!

Today was the day after Valentine's Day which means I ate all my chocolates today and ended up sick of chocolate. Can you believe it, sick of chocolate?

One base school teacher who wasn't present when I gave out my valentines saw me today and said Thank you for the giri choco. He's the only one who called it giri choco, which means obligatory chocolate. It's the term for the chocolate women are supposed to give to their higher-ups and maybe co-workers too, on Valentine's Day. It's not because of fondness or anything, it's obligation! Bah. I would never give giri choco!! I told him it wasn't but I don't think he was listening. I miss exchanging elementary school valentines.
Very nice..!! can i have some.. :) i like to try some.. but i can't eat alot of sweets.. that's my problem..!!
You can't eat a lot of sweets, or you don't want to? (^_~)
Can't.. :( Diabetic.. *sob*.. :(
Ah well like they say, everything in best in moderation. I tend to go nuts on a food until I get sick of it. Bad habit.
Hey.. me too..!! so we are kinda alike.. ;)
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