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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
 Bento Service #2

Here's a heartwarming story from the staff room. I hadn't bothered to make sure the cafeteria was open today and, being Tuesday, it was the beginning of the week for me at base school so I have an excuse for being out of it. Lo and behold, today was another no-cafeteria-and-teachers-order-special-bento day so when the bentos started to be passed around I asked the teacher beside me about the cafeteria. He's the one who, if he can't answer himself, will broadcast my question in a startling voice to everyone in the vicinity, adding that I'm the one who wants to know. You would think I'd learn to not ask him questions all the time. Maybe I asked him knowing that he would make a big ruckus that would cause other teachers to feel sorry for me. What I'm trying to say is that it was very nice of the teacher who gave me his bento because he had brought his own bento from home.

What's today's bento?
Here it is, complete with a pack of instant miso paste.

strawberries for dessert
The strawberries were actually distributed before the bento and I was given some simply because they had enough extra. These were very big strawberries though you probably can't tell from the picture. I'd say they were bigger than golf balls! Although they were pleasantly sweet, they had a strange soggy texture. Like I always say, Watsonville strawberries are the best!

homestyle bento (MouseOver picture)
Here's the monster uncovered. You've got your rice topped with sesame seeds and ume, a teriyaki chicken(?) meatball, a little KFC-style chicken piece, two deep-fried breaded hardboiled quail eggs on a stick, boiled daikon, boiled carrot, boiled dried tofu(?), kabocha tempura, sweet fried egg, a deep-fried breaded pork and onion skewer (with sauce), little foilies of spinach, daikon(?) and carrot, macaroni salad and pink pickles.

My favorite parts were the fried chicken, the kabocha tempura, the boiled daikon and tofu, the strange skewers and the meatball. The whole bento was pretty good, but unfortunately very oily!

Like last time, I wonder if the other teachers ate all of their bentos. I ate all of mine!! (I was too full for the miso soup so I saved it.)

Here's a sample of an excellent paragraph. I am proud of my students, I am!
I do so love japanese food.. but i doubt i will ever be able to live there.. unless i'm like Fish fish.. who speaks fluent japanese.. ;) unfortunately .. my japanese is limited... ;)
I don't speak fluent Japanese either! =P

I think fishfish is really smart...

Honestly, you don't need to be in Japan to get good Japanese food. How about California? I'm sure there's good Japanese food in Canada too!
Hey.. foodpocket.. :)
Unfortunately .. i'm in a very small town in Canada.. and good japanese food is 4hrs away... so i donch really get to go up to the city often.. as we are very busy.. with the busy.. and a baby.. ;) but she will grow up.. and maybe then.. we can do things together.. :) for now... it's abit tough.. :) but it's all worth it.. for my baby. :)
What can I say, good point! But hey there's also easy make-at-home Japanese food.
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