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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
 Big Lunch

The more I eat in the cafeteria the more I see students eating things I haven't had yet from the menu. I believe it was the day the discussion was about Japanese-style and Western-style foods that I saw a girl with a huge plate of food and Kyoto-sensei conveniently pointed out that it was katsu and kare, or cutlet and curry. I'd seen katsukare on the menu all along but for some reason I imagined a katsudon topped with just a bit of curry for sauce, which doesn't appeal to me! Katsukare's actually rice with curry (like curry rice--but don't stop there) plus a chicken katsu. WOA! and it's only 350yen. How could I resist such a deal?

a big pot of hot tea

It had looked big. It was big. I might've gotten an even bigger serving than usual because the lady mistakenly gave me curry rice at first. I looked at the plate, thinking Where's the meat and was pretty sure there was no katsu anywhere under the curry, so I asked. She gasped, hurried to stick on a katsu and, as I held my breath, scoop even more curry over it onto the plate! Haha. Then she handed it to me again, sincerely apologizing. The workers at base school cafeteria are very personable and obliging.

Base school has quality curry. It contains large chunks of very lean chicken as well as thick slices of carrots and onion, as you can see in the pictures. The sweet red pickles are to take as you please.

Are you sick of seeing this katsu in my school lunch posts? I'm not sick of eating it yet! It's good in all forms, katsudon, wafu katsudon and katsukare. It isn't oily, except maybe at the edges! The chicken meat is very lean. By the way, I used some katsu sauce even though dipping it in the curry was good enough.

This afternoon it snowed! The sun was out when sparse white specks started floating around outside the windows. It looked more like ash than snow, scattered odd pieces floating around in the wind rather than falling down. As the sun stayed out the snowing went off and on for awhile but never became any heavier.

fried rice
2 small onions, 1 small carrot, some sliced flat pea pods, Spam, 2 eggs fried rice. Fried rice is always good, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This was dinner! I wanted to eat up some veggies and the left pocket wanted to eat the Spam before it went bad. Okay so did I! Spam is a handy ingredient for fried rice because it adds so much taste!

Want to read some of my students' paragraphs? Here's another. Enjoy!

The handwriting of your students are very need for sure.. :) gotta give them tat.. ;)
Hi MrsT, yeah the handwriting is another thing. Some seem to write very cute and deliberately but some look like 6 year olds' writing!
OOps..!! sorry .. typo.. i meant neat.. not need.. hehehhe!! no fault of the mind. ;)
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