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Thursday, February 17, 2005
 Blogging about Clubs

I ate kinoko spaghetti for lunch. I can't believe I don't mind the mushrooms!!! I'll put up a picture later.

ESS club (English Speaking Society) had a party and though it was sabishii with only 5...4...3 of us in the end, at least we spoke English! We played Fruit Basket, Concentration, and Scattergories. Sachiko, the leader, had her Bon Jovi CD but I played Foo Fighters and No Doubt, hoping to introduce the students to newer stuff. I should've played the Bon Jovi, for Sachiko. She's the one who does all the work, meaning she informs me of all the club's plans, which usually means she tells me when the day's (the week's) meeting has been cancelled because nobody can come. She wasn't even the original leader, she stepped up. The original leader rarely showed her face and I heard she became too busy and finally disappeared completely into the library club. Today was also the day the new leader (one of two first years) for next year was decided. It's no big deal that her father wrote for her the speech she wanted to use to enter a prefectural English speech contest. At least she has competitive spirit! Okay, excuse the attitude. I try my best for ESS!

At the end of the day I found a Valentine's Day present on my desk from Ku-chan, the former leader of English Drama Club. I helped the club with their performances of The Last Leaf, The Clever Princess Arete and Princess Mononoke last year. What a surprise to find a gift from Ku-chan! I miss working with Drama Club, they were into it.

Not sure about the connection to Valentine's Day but the gift was a sushi mug! It has the names of types of sushi in kanji with furigana too. That means if I see a picture of something I want to eat at kaitenzushi but it's only labeled with kanji, I can look at my mug and read the furigana to be able to order it! I'll show you a picture of the mug later, if you want.

This morning I checked Shiokadelicious and woo! Renee picked me! Not only that, she linked me from her site. Tons of people visited here because of that. O the power of blogs. How exciting! I know I know she would've picked hundreds of people before me but while she was away from blogdom because of computer trouble and other life stuff everyone else got the stick already. I know but ...she picked me!!

I'll post my answers later, if you want!

I haven't eaten dinner yet.
Yes.. post answer.. i'm dying to know yer music taste.. :)
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