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Friday, February 04, 2005
 Eating in Circles

Today was an unusual schedule at visit school so I wasn't prepared when the bell rang for the end of the period before lunch. I chose to wait until after the mob of students came and went but by the time I got to the cafeteria the only food left was two packed up servings of curry. Bleh. By the end of the day I had decided to find something yummy at the vegetable market near the station on the way home.

kusa daifuku
So I bought this pack of daifuku for only 100yen. I gobbled up two on the train! I think the kusa, or grass, gave the mochi a more jelly-like consistency than usual rice mochi. That was neat. I was nice and split the last one with Left pocket after dinner!

Sukiya beef bowl salad set
This is Sukiya's gyudon salad set for 450yen. I love this set. The salad is big and you can put their sesame or french dressing on it. The third circle you see in the picture is the miso soup.

Sukiya is an alternative to the big chain, Yoshinoya. While Japan's ban on American beef caused Yoshinoya to halt its sales of gyudon, Sukiya continues to sell theirs at a raised price. By the way, Sukiya's gyudon meat is leaner than Yoshinoya's, according to Left pocket! I like that.

Epi-ciel bakery
After dinner I popped into Epi-ciel to finally take some breads I'd had my eye for awhile home to try with Left pocket. We both had seen the Minced pork bun and agreed on wanting to try it but as for the other one, it was completely my pick.

Minced Pork Bun
The minced pork bun's looks were deceiving. The crispy cheesy top combined with the moist buttery-looking bread was what attracted me. It looked like a pastry but it tasted surprisingly like a nikuman, or Chinese style meat bun. The filling was moist and sweet. It didn't taste bad but because I anticipated something different I was disappointed. The minced pork bun was 130yen.

The seemingly airy size and the croissant-like layers of the Twinkle appealed to me so I bought it to try. It was 150yen. Left pocket and I peeled and ate, peeled and ate. He really liked this one! The top was slightly sweet. It was almost croissant-like but drier in my opinion. There are one or two other types of bread I would like to try from Epi-ciel but I'm not sure if I would buy these two again.

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