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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
 Gyudon Come Back 2/11

Yoshinoya's Comeback

I warned you it was coming, the day the Yoshinoya beef bowl returned. Well it came and went but the left pocket and I were there! You bet we filled our pockets with a fair share of the gyudon. Only thing is we had to wait in this line. Crazy people! In the cold!

back of the line

I think we waited more than an hour. At first I saw a couple people eating inside but when I asked the employee who was taking orders at the entrance he said mochikaeri, take-out, only. While in line we looked at cars passing by, tried to keep our hands warm, and when I wasn't taking pictures we did a lot of heebie-jeebie dancing to keep as warm as possible.

front of the line

Kids, grandmas, moms and dads, most people were getting the maximum four gyudon per person limit. The price was 300yen for nami, regular size, and 400yen for oomori, big size. They weren't selling any other main items on their menu but you could get salad and miso soup. I got the last plain salad (only 90yen)!

gyudon and salad

Before you MouseOver the gyudon and salad picture, beware, gyudon is not pretty, especially when half-eaten!

Can you believe this was my first Yoshinoya gyudon ever? I was surprised by the yummy taste, which is salty rather than sweet like Sukiya's gyudon. What I liked about Yoshinoya was the large pieces of onion because they stood out. I don't usually notice Sukiya's onions because they must be boiled down more. However I like Sukiya's gyudon more overall because their meat is a lot less fatty and they pour more sauce over the rice.
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