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Monday, February 07, 2005
 hi-sushi-buri desu ne!

A little explanation about the title: "hisashiburi" is similar to "long time no see" and it's appropriate here because I haven't been to Sushi Ondo in awhile!

counter seats
Here's a view of one of the rows of counter seats. Sushi Ondo, like most kaitenzushi restaurants, is a big place and tonight there weren't too many people there so rather than sit at the counter, the left pocket and I were able to sit at our own booth. Yes, they have kaitenzushi booths!

green tea
First thing we do is get our piping hot green tea. You can see our booth's built-in spigot in the picture below. Simply place one scoop of green tea powder in your mug, press it against the button under the spout for hot water and voila, green tea!

Here's a closer look at the conveyer belt. You can see random types of sushi going by, as well as signs to let you know what type it is, and even a container of condiments such as wasabi and sauce for unagi. Above on the partition you can see some of the sushi menu. It tells you the price and kcal for each item! Generally all the plates are 105yen each but a few fancy ones are a bit more.

It looks like table 3 ordered miso soup!
Of course it's fun to watch what goes by and spontaneously take plates but sometimes the same plates go around time after time and you realize that nobody wants that sushi so neither do you! Or maybe you know exactly what you want but it won't come out! Then what? Simply press the speaker button to call the kitchen and order what you want! Then you had better keep an eye out because in no time your (hopefully) freshly made items sitting atop special yellow Ordered Items pedestals will come out and if you don't notice your table number you might miss your order.

bintoro and kappamaki

I had to snap this picture quickly. The first piece disappeared into the left pocket before I knew it!

Lesson from the left pocket: Anago is freshwater eel and unagi is salt water eel!

They both taste good with the yummy sweet sauce on top.

This is my favorite!

Ebiten has the same sauce as the anago!

baby lobster
Only the left pocket tried this one and he didn't like it.

chawanmushi (MouseOver picture)
Chawanmushi is one of the higher priced items. I believe it's 157yen. The left pocket loves it but it's a bit too fishy for me. Coincidentally, hop over to Obachan's recent post on chawanmushi if you'd like to see another example.

chocolate cake
How can you not be tempted by a piece of cake scooting by repeatedly while you're eating your meal?

count the plates
When you've decided to call it quits you push the button to bring the waiter to your table and count your plates. I don't know if you get a strange look if you don't stack your plates but that's what everyone does so that's what we do too!

Here are some interesting things that went by which we didn't take:
daigaku imo, or glazed sweet potato
something pretty
macaroni salad sushi
I've been finding almost all of my sushi restaurant here
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