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Monday, February 07, 2005
 I didn't do anything!

There is a music teacher at visit school who has a daughter who is applying to a fancy music school in Britain. She seems to be a very talented and dedicated pianist. Sometime last year, I was asked through the JTEs at the school to help translate and fine tune her resume in English. The music teacher was very thankful to me for helping with that and gave me a fancy cake to thank me. Recently I was asked for help again, but all I did was check a letter that the JTE had already translated. I feel bad because I didn't do anything yet look what I received!

Henri Charpentier's Bonne Taille
I don't think I've ever seen this name but they have a neat website. If you can navigate through the French and Japanese you can even see pictures of the cakes that I got!

It's an image of a tiger's paw! Cute, no? It's a chocolate chip cake and that's chocolate in the middle too.

Week-end The
That's "the" as in tea as in tea flavored. The left pocket described it as punchy. I didn't realize it was jam-coated and despite the nice pistachio bits on top, its taste reminded me of the bad air freshener in the cupboard! hehe!

Week-end Citron
This is the lemon version of the last one. This flavor tasted better!

Pain de Genes Chocolat
The description for this says something about the time of Napoleon. Don't eat the paper label! This one is chocolate, of course. It had a nice bitter deep chocolate taste.

Pain de Genes
This one they call plain. It was yummy too.

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