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Thursday, February 17, 2005
 I'm not ashamed. Chicken is healthy.

Yesterday's dinner was Yoshinoya's chicken teriyaki bowl, 360yen, and salad, 90yen. I had tried the niwatori teriyakidon once before and was not impressed with the quality of the chicken or with the taste but I figured grilled chicken was more appealing than anything fried so I gave it another go.

The niwatori teriyakidon isn't available at all Yoshinoya shops, unlike in the US where chicken is one of the main items on the menu and you can even request skinless meat. I've never eaten the chicken bowl in the US but I can tell you the niwatori teriyakidon isn't the same thing.

niwatori teriyakidon and salad (MouseOver picture)
It was a nicer piece of chicken than the first time and with a lot more sauce, so I was happy. It had the same fishy taste that put me off before and for awhile I was wondering if I could be eating fish instead of chicken. The meat was really soft! Suddenly I realized that the fishiness was from the bed of seaweed strips that the chicken sits on. If I get this again I might ask for nori nuki! I don't think I would miss it. Satisfying meal!
I love chicken.. :) like you say. it's healthy.. :) but the teriyaki sauce.. ahhh.. that you have to watch.. ;)
Hey, Yoshinoya is quite popular in Singapore now. I like Yoshinoya's teriyaki chicken too, and here, they don't top it with seaweed strips. Instead, they have a side of cooked vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, and cabbage).
MrsT - Yes it's always the sauce, isn't it! Not to mention the creepy goobly *skin* that they leave on chicken all the time here in Japan. (o_O)~

Julia - Hi! Singapore is so lucky! It sounds like you folks get the same style chicken and vegetables as in the US. When I was vegetarian in the states I would get the vegetable-only bowl!
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