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Saturday, February 05, 2005
 On a Bread Roll

Now for dessert! I could not resist the time-service at the bakery. Everything was marked down to 50% off.

Mugi no Ie
The name of this bakery means House of Wheat. After trying these breads I think the baking quality of Mugi no Ie beats Epi-ciel.

Ham and Egg
This was a bit of egg salad on a slice of ham nested in a bun. It was tasty. I think it would've been good toasted for breakfast. It was 135-68= 67yen.

Fromage Sesame
The overflowing cheesy top on this looked so good. I wasn't sure what would be inside besides cheese but I think it was only cheese. You can see at least three types. Unfortunately it was bland and dry. It was 188-94= 94yen.

Oh lovely lovely kyarameri-ze! Soft feathery buttery moist chewy inside, crispy sweet glazed top, caramelized crunchy bottom. Delicious. Pull-apartable (MouseOver picture)! Must get again sometime. 250-125= 125yen.

Superhero A
Meet Superhero A (cream). Does he look familiar? The cartoon character Anpanman is super-loved by Japanese kids. With chocolate cake cheeks, chocolate syrup eyes and mouth, I super-enjoyed this cream pan(MouseOver picture)! 135-68= 67yen.
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