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Thursday, February 17, 2005
 Ramen on a Snowy Day

snow on my umbrella

winter wonderland

Yesterday it snowed!! Morning rain and sleet to snow when I walked to school, then big pieces as I watched out the window, then back to small. Roofs, trees and cars got covered but the white didn't last all the way until work was over.

snow on the fish

I went to the lunchroom at the end of lunchtime and I wasn't the only one who was forced to settle for the only food left, ramen. I'm not sure if they always run out near the end of lunch; today a lot of students seemed disappointed and the lunch ladies were saying sorry a lot!

tonkotsu ramen

Anyway I didn't mind too much, the ramen is only 250yen and it was a lot better than I expected tonkotsu to be. Ton means pork and tonkotsu is the type of ramen soup that is made by soaking, yes, pork bones! The toppings look different but are pretty much the same as the shio ramen toppings. It's the soup that makes a big difference. With the first slurp of hot soup I thought MMM! It was creamy. It was full and smooth but not in a fatty way. I wonder if they use soy milk or something like that?

Why are you using your umbrella in a snowy day..?? kekeke!! my spouse would laugh till he drop.. if i used an umbrella.. hahah!! and the ramen.. Mmmmm.. it look good.. :)
Haha, I never thought about why I had an umbrella in the snow. Probably because it had been wet and sleeting just a bit before I went out. Although even if it was only snow, I'd probaby use one anyway because Japanese people use umbrellas year-round!
Ahhhhhhh.. that explains it.. :)
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