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Monday, February 07, 2005
 Sansai for Sensei

Sansai udon
I finally got to taste it, visit school's cafeteria sansai udon. Like the tempura udon, it's only 230yen. It was indeed oishii, as Fumiyo had insisted.

Does it look good? Sansai means mountain vegetable and refers to the topping that looks like brown and green stems and ferns (the other toppings are wakame, green onions and a slice of kamaboko). The only thing I can surely name in the mix is bamboo. The sansai are pickled somehow. I saw the lunch lady just take chopsticks and grab a bunch of it from a container to put atop my udon. They may not appear incredibly appetizing but they are crunchy and flavorful and best of all, not fried! To tell the truth, up until I had them on this udon I never liked sansai. Now I know how yummy they can be!

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