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Monday, February 21, 2005
 Stickers and Students at Visit School

Last Friday I finished visit school's second years' interview testing. The teacher and I asked each student a total of four questions from a page of 12 and they were supposed to ask me a question. One boy asked, Do you like..pens? The two other boys being tested cracked up, the teacher laughed and shook his pen questioning the boy's meaning as I lifted an unamused brow. Reluctantly I said, Pens? no, I don't really like pens... The boys fell over each other in their seats, hahahhahaha. I shook my head and aimed it back at the student, How about you, do you like pens? They just continued, hahahahhahaha.

High school entrance exam methods are changing. There are still two rounds of tests but first round is no longer only an interview limited to students who were recommended by teachers; now it's open to any students who want to try the long grueling test.

The number of first year classes is decreasing at both visit school and base school. It's not because of the terrible ratio of students to teachers or anything like that. It's simply because there are less and less young people in Japan. It's strange to see how each year the number of incoming students is one class smaller, and to realize that you're seeing the plain effects of the birthrate problem.

Last week it was time to give the students their final rewards for the stamps they earned in class. Many students lost their cards or didn't get any stamps but I still like the stamp card idea to motivate students to participate. I got rid of a lot of stickers, the ones my mom thoughtfully picked out and sent from the US. She found all the stickers that have easy English on them! I gave them out as prizes depending on how many stamps they received on their nametags for volunteering to speak during class. The Socially Hazardous type stickers were popular, but many students didn't want to pay any attention to the meanings written on them. I did my best to make sure they knew the meanings of what they were taking but while I was talking to another student, one boy chose the miniature pink decal that said $Daddy's Girl$ and ran off to show his friend at his desk before I could stop him! Oh well.
Wat's with the pen..??
And so thoughtful of yer momto send stickers for yer student.. :)
Yeah, what's with pens? Or is it just too obvious?

As for $Daddy's Girl$, hahahahahahaha!!!
heh heh! It reminded me of that trick where someone asks you if you belong to the "pen fifteen" club and then if you say no they make you a member by writing it on the back of your hand, only a litte differently than I typed it.
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