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Thursday, February 03, 2005
 Today was Setsubun

Setsubun is a Japanese celebration of the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. As Kyoto-sensei put it, Spring OPEN! You can find many beans being sold near the train station. Japanese people throw beans (in their yards) at home. Celebrities put on their traditional getups and throw beans out for adoring housewives and fans. That is what I gathered about Setsubun from being in Japan on this day!

Lion Butter Ball candies
I was given these classic Japanese candies by a teacher who sits next to me. He's always eating hard candies. He also has to go to the dentist a lot--I know because he goes during school when he has free periods. Anyway, these candies are kind of like Werther's but maybe orangey rather than butterscotch and with a more milked-down flavor.

Chingensai Gomoku Itame
This meal was from the yummiest Chinese restaurant in Japan that Left pocket and I have ever eaten at (which doesn't say much but hey). Chingensai is the Japanese name for Shanghai Chinese chard. Along with it in the sauce was some chicken thigh, some thin slices of pork, carrots, maybe three pieces of squid, and one shrimp. The other dishes are rice, egg flower soup, yummy salty pickled mustard, a wilted salad, and perfect almond jello in sugar water with peach bits. Cold tea is also service. This was one of the daily lunch sets for 630yen. I consider that an okay deal for this amount of Chinese food in Japan. It was all yummy too, even the pitiful lettuce was okay because the dressing was nice. This picture might make the bowls look bigger than they were, perhaps because the main plate wasn't as big as you'd expect. Just keep in mind that the rice bowl, soup bowl and small pickle dish were their typical sizes.

The Return of Yoshinoya Gyudon
This is just a big orange banner hanging in a Yoshinoya beef bowl shop saying the beloved gyudon is back One year since, One day only. How exciting!

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