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Saturday, February 19, 2005

wafu kinoko spaghetti, or Japanese style mushroom spaghetti
Yum..yum..!!! i'm envying you tremendously..!!!
Oh this can't be too hard to make! Spaghetti noodles, mixed mushrooms in a slightly sweet soy sauce broth (like so much other Japanese food tastes!), topped with nori!
No nori.. :( for one.. and another.. the convenience of just buying it.. is sweeter than anything.. donch you think..??
No nori...oh no! Maybe you can find a good deal online.
...and yes, prepared food is a good thing!
very delicious!!!!I am hungry..Give me some foods..hahaha
Hey Vinyl, I think you can get better food (or servings, at least) in Korea!
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