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Monday, March 21, 2005
 (3/5) Treating Ourselves to Premium Tonkatsu

March 5.

One of my brother's goals in coming to Japan was to eat good tonkatsu. The left pocket looked on Metropolis and it listed Maisen Tonkatsu as the best tonkatsu in Tokyo, so we went, got off at Harajuku and walked down Omotesando to find it.

The left pocket and I got hire cut lunch sets. It came with daikon, onions and almond jello dessert. Only 800-something yen.

My brother got ro-su, which he thought would be softer.

This is the hire from the side.

Here is my example of three ways to eat the tonkatsu, from left to right: sweet sauce, daikon and onion with a ponzu-ish sauce, and salty sauce. If I had to choose one I guess I preferred the thick sweet sauce but I think if I didn't have the variation I'd get tired of its taste.

I'm glad we
went for it and tried Maisen. Thank you Mommy and Daddy!

Later that day...

We looked through the giant toystore, Kiddyland, of course.

I wanted Harvester chicken for dinner. It's got a nice deli-like atmosphere but unfortunately it seemed really smokey. Still, great refreshing food!!
Hey.. FP,
I've never liked tonkatsu because it's fried and i feel that it is dry.. but now that i can't get any .. i'll eat it.. if i get it..!!
Thank you so much for the photos! Every time I bite into my PBJ at work I do so while staring at your photos. Keep them coming!
MrsT, I bet you could make your own really juicy (I like how Japanese people pronounce it ju-shii =p) tonkatsu at home with just pork, breading, and oil. I think it all depends on the meat you start with! Maisen's tonkatsu was nice and soft and very juicy, plus you can add all those juicy toppings!

Hey cosmo, I'm glad the Japanese food goes well with your PBJ! =B There's always more pictures coming from the foodpocket...
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