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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
 (3/6) The Mall
We went by bike to the big new mall. It's got a killer food court, not to mention it's pretty and has millions of pretty things inside it. First mission: eat something!

A new item at the LocoMoco place! I think the place's name is LocoMoco. Left pocket went for it and tried the steak locomoco even though the plastic model of it looked shabby and even though meat usually comes really fatty and low quality at restaurants in Japan. He made a good choice!! This meat is perfectly lean. I think it was 680yen.

Woo! The basic hamburg locomoco now comes with macaroni salad and a slice of tomato! (It used to be a few soggy stirfried veggies.) Only thing is that I had to point to the plastic one and ask for the tomato. As for the new macaroni salad...well I'd rather have the veggies. Oh yeah, I got teriyaki (mayo nuki) instead of regular. The hamburg wasn't as soft as I remember it was last time but overall this dish was good. 650yen I believe.

Another mission accomplished:

My brother wanted to get tabi for playing taiko. I had never been to this place but they use the side of their little store for effective advertising! He got a sturdy pair for only 1600-something yen. In Japan, most people I see wearing these heavy-duty tabi are construction workers. In Little Tokyo (LA) I think I paid between 30-50USD for one pair.

Next mission: back to the mall for food!

My brother tried a kare pan, or curry bun?, from Saint Germain's bakery. It's is a respectable looking chain but this particular one, I remember, has the words Pain and Sandwitch on the wall. I know that there's nothing wrong with Pain, but add Sandwitch and it's kinda amusing.

Everytime we see this picture,
foodpocket: Those orange thingies look good.
the left pocket: Those look like those three heads in Spirited Away, those green things.
foodpocket: Yeah, huh. Haha

These look goooooooood. I don't see any blueberry but I guess they're called Blueberry Domes.

These look good too. They're called Fuwa Fuwa Cheese, Fluffy Cheese. That's funny when I think about it.

Ogling the new candy bins smack in the middle of the department store!

I said the candy! ... Can you believe they even label these white breast chocolate?

Back when I was 10 I would get powdered gum wrapped in white paper so that when you blew on one end the powder puffed out the other and looked like smoke. Crazy. I think smoke is gross. I think this is crazy, but then Japan still lets people smoke in restaurants too. =B

This one is cool.

Back at the food court:

Ramen. Actually they called this tanmen. It wasn't so great!
any spam at LocoMoco? not authentic otherwise... oh yeah, and potato/macaroni mo' bettah too!
Food looks so cute.. :)
The candies are incredible, especially the first one! :)
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