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Friday, March 25, 2005
 (3/7) Shinjuku Night

After the Studio Ghibli museum we went to check out Shinjuku.

We tried dinner at a Ginza Lion restaurant building that had several floors with themed foods. Seeing plastic foods that looked good, we went to the floor that was the beer floor. I got this bibimbap. It had lots of flavorful stuff in it and a good amount of very soft beef. It was okay.

There's nothing like Shinjuku at night.

We spotted a nice shiny bright Mister Donut on the corner and decided to have some for dessert.

For a long time I assumed Mister Donut was a Japanese creation because their donuts are smaller and more Japanese (ie. tofu donuts..) than donuts I was used to, however, I recently heard Mister Donut was from America.

Reading this window gave me the final answer. Good ol' San Francisco Chinatown!

Doesn't it look like Homer Simpson? The top two donuts were my brother's and the pon-de-ring was mine. I was pleasantly surprised, it was uniquely chewy; soft as Krispy Kreme but more substantial and not as sickly sweet. Mine was also only 105yen.

We had to get home before the trains stopped running but even after the last train, guess who is open...

My 24-hour friend, Yoshinoya! It was a long night so here is my second dinner, sauce katsu-don. It cost 400-something yen and was, well, Yoshinoya-quality.

I do love Shinjuku at nite too.. :) so colorful..!! so bright..!
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