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Friday, March 25, 2005
 (3/8) Trying Curry Udon

In search of yet more tonkatsu my brother spotted not only katsudon but curry udon as well in a lunch set display. This restaurant in the new extension to the department store attached to my train station had other choices besides tonkatsu so I'd be able to get something different. There were nice looking 890yen lunch sets which came with a main choice accompanied by mini don and udon of your choice.

I chose the tomato salad set with a mini negi-toro don and a mini curry udon. I was surprised that the salad had a generous amount of shrimp tempura on top. I was trying to avoid fried stuff but it was yummy! I thought I'd like the negi-toro don because I like negi-toro the best at kaiten-zushi and it was perfect (as far as I could tell!).

Back to the meal...

There was a chunk of fried tofu and pieces of meat and veggies in the curry and I thought it was spicily interesting but it wasn't your typical Japanese curry. I think that's why my brother didn't care for it much.

I find the set lunches or dinners way too much... like they have both rice.. and noodles..in the set.. and then salad.. and some other stuff.. ;) never had curry udon before though.. coz' i like my curry with thinner noodles.. for some reason.. hahaha!
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