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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
 500yen to replace my hanko

Today one of the English teachers from the academic counseling department came and gave me a 500yen coin for helping one student prepare for her college interview. I thought it was pretty strange that such money goes out just for advising a student on how to go through an interview. I saw the list of teachers on the clipboard and most of them had more than 500(yen) next to their names. Too bad for me that more students aren't interested in studying English in college!

In gaining that 500yen I also realized I lost my hanko, or name stamp. It was needed to show that I received my money. For the time being, I signed my name. I know I used my hanko yesterday to stamp the attendance book but I went straight to the copy room after that and I don't remember what I did with it then. That hanko was a present from one of the nice teachers who took me sightseeing when I homestayed in Japan six years ago. If I don't find it I might have to see if I can find a cheap 100yen one for the rest of my time here.

It was a nice warm day. I even ate my curry rice lunch outside on the bench while the students had their ball tournaments on the field. Disappointing lack of any meat in the curry(!) but pleasantly surprising warmth of sunshine!

Scratchy voice but improving!
Nice incentive .. FP..!! too bad you lost your hanko.. :( Hope you find it soon.. :)
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