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Thursday, March 17, 2005
Earlier today the teacher next to me was stamping his hanko and asked me if I knew why the word is hanko; han meant stamp but why the ko? I didn't know. He explained how it's the same ko as in onna no ko, where it means child, which is like little one, which is closer to little stamp. I never thought of my hanko as such a cute thing!

However that's not what I was thinking at the time, earlier today. I was sad because I still couldn't find my hanko.

I decided I should tell Kyoto-sensei in case I had to get another one and go through some long serious process of confirming my identity and new "signature." It took just a second or two for him to process my dilemma, come up with my name and realize I was the owner of the lost hanko of the same name that the other kyoto-sensei had found in the copy room and was about to pull out from his desk drawer. My hanko! Yokattaaaaaaa. They thought it belonged to the Japanese teacher of the same last name, who has been out sick since yesterday.

My dear little hanko.
Aww, so glad you got your dear little hanko back! Glad you're getting over the sniffles too! For us, the nice warm weather's bringing sniffles of a different sort...allergies!!! We shall sniff together on different shores....

Glad you found your hanko.. ;)
There's a lot of people with allergy problems here too. This year there's supposedly 50% more pollen than most years because warmer than usual weather allowed trees to grow a lot.

In Japanese it's called kafunshou. I think that's such a funny word. =p
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