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Friday, March 04, 2005
 My home around snow.So snow-white.

(Entry's title thanks to Fumiyo.) Until today I'd never had to walk through the snow. For snowboarding, of course I walked in the snow but I was distracted by the fun I was having at the time.

I did make it safely to visit school--which even on the finest day I'd say is not the smoothest stroll--20 minutes late. I was worried about how terribly late I was but as I saw some students on the way I realized I was not the only one. About half way from the station to the school I heard a broadcast announcement saying that due to students arriving late because of the weather, something would be moved back to 9:00. When I turned the corner to face the last stretch I could see three or four teachers standing outside across the street facing the school, welcoming/monitoring the student traffic.

As I neared the school gate I saw not only current students but junior high students who had to come to pick up their entrance test results. What a trek just to turn around and go back wherever they came from in the snow!

Today I wore my most comfortable pair of boots because none of my shoes are waterproof. I'm so glad I wore them because the slush on the ground is maybe 4iches deep in some places. My pants and coat were covered with white spots that I kept trying to shake off but kept returning and sticking to me. I thought by the time I arrived at school I'd be completely white. I wondered what was wrong about my umbrella that other people appeared to be untouched by the snow. It must just be bad vision. I feel sorry for the girls who have to bare their legs and the students who have to wear those old loafers on their feet.

Once on the schoolgrounds and walking down the hall past the office two different people said taihen deshita ne! to me, which could be like saying something like, Rough out there isn't it! When I got into the staff room, teachers were figuring out how many students were in each homeroom and how many were on their way, then how to remake the day's schedule.

Nice day for my brother to come to Japan! I doubt I'm the only Californian to whom snow is exciting the first few times. I hope his plane arrives without any problems!
Hey.. Foodpocket.. :)
So yer brother is visiting huh..??? How much snow is alot of snow..??? Can't beat the ones we have here right..??
Yep my brother is here to experience the fun of Japan. It's cold though! Well this part of Japan doesn't get a whole lot of snow (last year it only snowed once or twice). I'll post pics soon..
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