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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
 Party Sandwiches

A pre-prepared filler while I'm busy showing my brother around... by the way the last couple days the temperature was in the mid-high teens. Nice and warm!

This "party" pack of sandwiches is made by the bakery in the supermarket. It was, what, 504yen or something? I can't remember exactly.

I wonder if I'm going to dislike whole wheat bread when I return to the US. I rarely ate white bread before I came to Japan but in Japan white is the standard (most available and cheapest). I missed hearty bread when I first came here but now it's one of those things I got used to.
Does it taste as good as it looks.. Fp..??? i love wholewheat better too.. :) but sometimes due to convenience.. and my spouse who only eats white .. i have no choice lah.. :(
They tasted great, a refreshing change from fried foods! Only complaint was a little too much mayonnaise. When I eat those dainty sandwiches I like to pretend I'm in an English period film! =B
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