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Friday, March 25, 2005
 School Update

I lied about that being the last post. How about a school update. The third term just ended. In Japan, graduations happen in March and new school years start in April.

Not much activity for me. I did start working with the English Drama club members on their new project. The girls who earlier this year were just first year students doing helping roles are now the leaders. I was afraid when they were taking awhile to come up with the next play, and when they did choose Snow White I was pulling my hair when it looked like I was going to have to write the whole English script for them, translating it myself from Japanese. Luckily things were changed so that a real script was found. All we had to do was take a couple hours to cut bits here and there so that the play suited the number of students and the 20-minute time.

Guess what the play is. Cinderella! It's funny because I keep thinking the students are saying die (shinde) when they talk to each other about it.
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