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Friday, March 25, 2005
 Shiny picture looks good. I'm Hungry!

Okay this is last post for now. I need to make dinner!

Last week the left pocket got his mom's more-or-less recipe for japchae. We didn't have enough beanthreads or maifun or harusame or whatever you call those noodles, so we used bifun! While making it we ran out of room in our pan with all the random veggies I cut up to use (spinach, carrot, onion, chingensai or Shanghai bokchoy?, hakusai or Chinese cabbage) so we had to put another pan on the stove! This kind of made it easier to taste-test and decide how much/if more soy sauce, sugar, and sesame oil was needed. It came out really yummy and it gets tastier the longer it sits. The sesame oil flavor takes time to come out. We finished it all! I ate the last of it!!
Heh!! sound yums..!! can't see the pic though.. :(
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