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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
 Back to Japan...
I had the cafeteria's lunch today, teriyaki chicken. No picture because I didn't expect to be eating anything special today so I didn't take my camera. I chose the lunch because it wasn't anything fried. It was alright, but not very teriyaki at all. I can't speak for Okinawa (where teriyaki originated?) but of the places I've been during my time in Japan, I've surprisingly not really encountered teriyaki, the teriyaki I know from California, at least. Perhaps the closest thing is the soy sauce based (as opposed to salt-based) glaze that you can get on your yakitori, or chicken skewers. You may recall my posts about Yoshinoya's teriyaki chicken bowl, but I don't want to call that teriyaki sauce either. Ah, well. Anyway, the four slices of meat came with some kinpira gobo, shredded cabbage, and mayo-nated Japanese mushrooms with some unidentified crunchy thin green stem veggies. Rice, miso soup and hot tea are always good too.

There's a giant slice of roll cake next to me on my desk from the teacher who often brings goodies. Normally I wouldn't be able to let it sit there, but it is. I wonder if my food obsession is passing. Hunger is in my head, not in my stomach. Knowing that I'm going to be surrounded by bountiful food soon when I go back to big America, I'm already losing my crazy appetite. Singapore started it. At first I thought it was because of the warmth but it's my head.

Maybe I've got other things to think about, like what to do when I go back. I think it would be interesting to work in a bakery. Back in high school, though, I told myself I wouldn't have a job that would make me wake up early for. I was waking up before 6AM then but I can't remember what kind of ideal time I had in mind. During college I'd wake up around 8 or 9, I think. That was very nice. Can't I do that now?

A few days ago I said it was warm and Spring and all that. Well, the last three days have been COLD and rainy. It's not a happy thing. When it goes back to warming up, I'm gonna get some exercise. It's decided; when I go back to CA I'm gonna take yoga.

Still I feel like travelling and getting to live just a little while in other places. I want to go back to S. Korea and Singapore but I haven't been to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, or anywhere in Europe yet.

Oh, when I leave, the next ALT will be coming here only twice a week. They really don't need me. I shouldn't feel bad for not doing anything. bah! Now, teachers are just asking me to go into their class for 20min or so to help correct a translation exercise where the students write the answers on the board and I show them what to fix. That's fine. What will be a pain is cleaning out my apartment instead of just passing it along to a successor, which is usually the way it works.

Ooh, I got cookies! That's the best part of this place.
i have definitely become more obsessed with food since being in J. i don't eat out much (being veg) but try to get the scoop on what other people are eating. nice finding your site...now i can know what i haven't had the chance to try...peace
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