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Saturday, April 16, 2005

3/30 along the river

First, Clarke Quay (pronounced like "key")...

The left pocket tried Yong Bak Kut Teh. S$6.60 isn't what they charge locals, is it?

Sensitive Plant! (mouseover)

This makes me think of the movie Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, Spirited Away.

At Boat Quay...

At Marina Square...

Iced Milo! Had to try it. It was good! YUMYUM!

Mee Rebus from a Nasi Lemak & Popiah place. It was interesting. Kinda nutty and fishy and spicy. There was some newspaper discount going on so I guess the nice lady gave it to me. S$2.50 (U.P. S$3) Does U.P. stand for Usual Price?

Meanwhile the left pocket went a couple counters down for BBQ Delights satay, 10 for S$5.

Later, at Millenia Walk... Silk Road Noodle Bar

Shenyang Panfried Snowflake Dumpling, S$6.50
I only ordered this and it took awhile to come. When it did, the server said they made it "golden brown" and if I didn't like it they could do it again! Maybe it was the way it described it or maybe it really wasn't so bad so I said it was fine and ate it! It was smaller than I'd imagined so I went for another order...

Handmade noodle in Beijing-style bean sauce, or zha jiang mian S$6 (mouseover)

The noodles I had at Silk Road restaurant were very thin and non-uniform in size but these at the noodle bar were thick and all the same size. Are they really handmade? Actually I liked the thicker noodles better! YUMYUM! Halfway through eating this I looked down and realized I was getting sauce splots all over my clothes!!

Can you see the Merlion??
Donch think that BKT is so expensive for local.. so i was abit taken aback.. when i saw the price.
The sensitive plant is also call touch me not.. or mimosa plant.. i think.??
Love ice milo too.. :)
Mee rebus is not my favourite because of the yellow mee.
Love satays..!! my spouse had those almost everyday.. when he was in asia..!
I believe the noodles were handmade.. and nope can't see the merlion.. :(
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