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Friday, April 08, 2005
 DO NOT stay at the YWCA

I got a bunch of Singaporean fashion magazines. I never buy fashion magazines. Call me ignorant but I'd never seen magazines in English full of Asian models and therefore never realized they existed. How different my life would be if I'd grown up with such magazines around me. I'm so intrigued by my Singaporean magazines.

Singapore prices are so reasonable. The climate is nice (my hair and skin agree). The food is plenty. Even the smell of durian on that one level of Plaza Singapura grew on me. AND now with the addition of Taco Bell to the already great selection of fast foods, Singapore lacks nothing except mosquitos. ii na!

Unfortunately we pockets got a lot of garbage from local customer service. Sure I was prepared to face some upped prices for tourists but I can't believe how many times we had to battle blatant attempted ripoffs! Just because I don't speak Singlish doesn't mean I don't know how to read a price with an S before the dollar amount.

Speaking of customer service, DO NOT stay at the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge. If you care about cleanliness and competent staff, don't stay at YWCA. Ants are bad enough, but staff AND MANAGER who repeatedly deny presence of ants while maids push around cans of spray on their carts, then don't make an effort to compensate for the hotel's poor service after we are moved to second, third, fourth room and call them in to see for themselves...
I didn't know you were staying at YWCA.. i should have offered to get you hotel accommodation in singapore.. since i'm very much in contact with my friends in singapore.. :(
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.. :(
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