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Friday, April 29, 2005
 Hot and Sweaty!

Just got done running. Today was suddenly very very hot. This morning I had wanted to take a walk in the nice warm sun after breakfast but when the left pocket told me the temperature I realized it felt too warm. 31 degrees Celsius high.

Breakfast was orange and cranberry scones and three cheese garlic spinach omelette. The scones were made from mix sent from my mom. They were pretty easy to make (add butter, egg, milk) and yummy. I made the omelette extra cheesy, using up the last bits of a couple bags of cheese (I don't know what kind because in Japan they're often just labeled natural cheese) and I'm going crazy with garlic lately because I recently bought some for the first time(!) to finally learn how to cook with it. Sad? I was happy with my omelette! I found out the left pocket doesn't fancy orange flavored scones; he liked the spinach though!

After two years I still am really disappointed with the weakness of Japanese washing machines. They don't get it done! I can't wait to get rid of the clothes I've overworn and never gotten fully clean while here!

Fruit smoothies, Mexican food, healthy sandwiches. If these were as easily attainable here as in California, I would be happier where I am. There are these fruit and vegetable juice stands in the stations and malls but all you get is a little dixie cup of juice for something like 300yen. When will Mexican food become popular with Japanese people?? As for sandwiches, there are some tasty looking ones at the fancy bakeries and bagels are showing up where the vegetable juice places already are but I'm waiting for Subway to get more agressive and not just sit back in a few locations in Tokyo, etc.

Dinner time!
Donch really think that subway will get anymore aggressive though..??no..??
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