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Monday, April 11, 2005


Plaza Singapura KOPITIAM
We stayed in the mall all day (after finally getting up in the afternoon) because it was raining. It wasn't hard, there was plenty to see in Plaza Singapura anyway.

RIVERSIDE INDONESIAN BBQ's Ayam Panggang (Grilled Chicken set), S$3.80. YUMYUMYUM! This was SO GOOD! It is the only place that has a line at peak eating times. This chicken was our first real meal and it stayed our favorite for a long time into the trip.

XIN DAI BEEF's Beef brisket noodle (S$3.50) YUMYUM!

Yeo's Justea bubble green tea + apple (from Carrefour, S$.70)

The left pocket had Beef noodle (S$3.50) but the meat's not soft and tasty like the brisket one!

Pics to come later..

I see you had some good eats.. :)

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