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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

3/28 Orchard Road

one of the many Bee Cheng Hiang outlets

pork, chicken, spicy... regular pork tasted best

I asked for two but after walking away peeked in to find only one. S$2something. YUMYUMYUM!

weighing dumpling dough at Din Tai Fung in Paragon's basement level

In America it's soy sauce. In Singapore it's soya sauce.

look at that shrimp! ten Pork & Shrimp dumplings for S$9.50 YUMYUMYUM!

six super juicy Pork dumplings (front) and six Vegetable & Pork dumplings for S$5.80 each steamer

hunted down the Magnolia ice cream cart! There are a lot of ice cream vendors, actually, but it looked like from day to day the brands rotated.

a big slab of red bean ice cream in a piece of bread, S$1. The bread was sorta dry and bland and wasn't as I'd fantasized it to be but it was fun getting it anyway.

This seems to be the quieter end of Orchard.

I've been to Sushi Ondo in Japan, I've heard of Genki Sushi in Hawaii, they've got the same logo, and Singapore has them both! What does it mean?! By the way, we steared clear of any Japanese food (not because it'd be bad, just because we get enough).

Taco Bell... new!

See my ice kachang being made at Scott's Picnic Food Court's Eat & Joy Desserts. I think I should have gotten the one written on the yellow sign.

S$2 ice kachang, or basically shave ice with corn on it. Now that I know what kachang means, where is the kachang!?! Luckily I was only thirsty.

I like these fruit plaques that line the sidewalk.

Sighted a food court while looking for iPod mini covers and ended up trying Claypot Chicken Rice, S$4. Doesn't look appetising but was different and tasty. YUM!

Yums..! welcome to our paradise of food..!
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