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Monday, April 18, 2005

3/31 Geylang

Haig Rd. Market & Cooked Food Centre

The food centre had mostly C ratings but we were hungry and thought any place in Geylang would have good food.

S$2.50 Nasi Lemak. After I order, a guy leaning on the stall says, "Chicken!" and smiles and I nod and repeat, "Chicken!" thinking, Yeah, that's chicken in the pic uh huh and... When the left pocket sees our plate he says, "Where's the fish?" They had plenty of fish in the stall. What's up, is this another rip off or is it my fault for not getting the guy's question?

Honeydew Juice S$1.00 This was good! YUMYUM!

in the market across the street...

I used to eat haw flakes when I was little, the coinlike ones that come in rolls.

So much haw. What is haw??

At the incredibly deserted Malay Village...

A very very very very scary wedding hall. Everything else was closed. Lots of cool cats around, though.

at a small corner food centre on Geylang...

"Traditional Laksa" S$2.00 YUMYUMYUM! Spicy and milky and so tasty but not enough prawn.

I realized what this place had too late. The last Loh Mai Kai was gone, so I went for the char siu one. The lady who worked here was very nice, even when I didn't know what anything was.

Lim Kee Fan Choy S$1.20 YUMYUMYUM! You can see the bit of egg white on the edge.

along the East Coast, at Long Beach MAIN Seafood Restaurant...

Ridiculous! This is one of those wet wipe napkins if you can't tell.

YUMYUM salted fresh roasted peanuts

2 famous Chilli Crabs (plus some extra legs!) This crab was S$34/100g.

One of the pieces I ate! I didn't eat much so I watched the left pocket single-pocketedly suck everything out of all the rest of the crab!!

I loved the sauce...thick and sweet with flowery egg in it, and a reason to eat these YUMYUMYUM!! fried and steamed breads, S$.60 each.

Hey... FP,
i think the fish and the chicken was a miscommunication and not a rip off.. ;)
haw=shrimp, I believe
Hi MrsT, thanks. I'm just kinda paranoid!

Thank you Momo =B but why are haw flakes so fruity if they're shrimpy?
prob because I'm mistaken, judging by what other reminiscers say about the popular snack from their childhood!!!

ps. remember the baby shrimp on my lip? haha!
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