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Saturday, May 07, 2005
 (3/13) Odaiba Day

it's au-to-ma-tic
Fun unmanned train with great view.

See the bridge in the background? I think that's Tokyo Tower between the orange (2nd) and green (3rd) frames.

inside Decks
There's a nostalgic Japan themed area where you can look at and buy some vintage memorabilia, candies and toys.

It snowed!

Here's the Chinese themed area inside Decks. It has lots of ramen and typical Japanese Chinese food.

Good ol' Ootoya
This was really yummy. I liked the pesto sauce on the pasta and the tasty onions and chicken. If you get it without the rice, miso soup and side, it's cheap too!

Toys 'R' Us
They have completely different toys than the American one. Here's a taiko toy.

I want this one!

My brother bought a few of these for himself and friends who like to play taiko.

Tokyo Bay
From snow to blue skies, can you believe it?

Fuji Terebi
This is a neat looking building where you can buy trinkets of your favorite Fuji TV show or go up to the observation ball.

inside Palette Town
There's a big car history museum.

outside Palette Town
The ferris wheel lights up in all different designs and colors. There's also a huge Toyota showroom where you can test drive little electric cars.

A familiar view
Now you can clearly see the bridge and red and white Tower.

dinner at some restaurant with a view
Kara-age like chicken with two sauces and omelete rice, 1380yen. Pretty yummy actually.

Which is real?!
Nice looking display meal.

the view
Why there's a Christmas tree (and presents) in March, I do not know.

back from whence we came
You can see the ferris wheel and the bright Decks and Aqua City shopping area.
Nice pics.. FP . thanks for sharing.. :)
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