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Saturday, May 07, 2005
 (3/9-11) There And Back Again


at SATY to see Howl's Moving Castle
This taco rice was surprisingly fresh and tasty and filling! Only 500yen too, I think.

10% off crepes day
Crepes are rarely less than 300yen. The guy behind the counter was a grouch but look at the cute crepe he made. haha.


more tonkatsu at the station
It happens that this tonkatsu restaurant is a chain. I've seen it in more than one other nice shopping mall. For some reason you can only get the katsudon to go, so we found a table in the station mall.


I love getting the wakame udon because they pile it on! Healthy and yummy and cheap. I like togarashi (mixed peppers and spices) on mine.

My brother got the beef (or is it pork?) udon. Hanamaru is owned by the people who own Yoshinoya, so it's probably similar meat. He put lots of tanuki topping on. Did you know that if you put lots of togarashi on tanuki crumbs it tastes like Flamin' Hot Cheetos?

Along with his udon, my brother picked out a korokke and a mixed tempura. He was lucky and got hot, freshly fried ones.

Mmmmmmmm.. all the good food.. envy..!!
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