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Sunday, May 15, 2005
 Deep Thoughts by foodpocket

Fried stuff ain't so great, like soggy oily tempura crumbs on the top of my udon!

I craved fish tonight, negi-toro don to be exact. Alas I didn't go for it.

I bought steak tonight! More on that when I talk about shopping.

I am happy. I feel very free, determined, excited about what I've got ahead of me. I get waves of fear in the pit of my stomach, no, more like waves of sadness that crash at which point it's like bursts of fear. I get distracted though, and they're gone.

It feels like my brain's been re-awoken from use. Speaking Japanese, reading, comprehending, functioning. Howcome, sometimes, when you have to accomplishing a feat you just wish someone or anyone was at your side so you wouldn't have to be alone; howcome, other times, it's more embarrassing to take a chance when there is someone with you? Silly question, I already see it. It's just that I was in both of those situations today.

It kinda sucks eating alone. Don't wanna listen to gloomy music and don't wanna turn on the TV cuz I've got stuff I wanna do and not get hypnotized as tatami-potato for longer than necessary. I'm not so food-obsessed though. I mean that in a good way. Not to mention I can try things I wouldn't subject others to.

Still, I've tried many things sometimes because of others, and for that I am thankful. Before I came to Japan, I either disliked or rarely ate meat, ginger, fish, kinoko, konnyaku, green tea, eggplant, bell pepper, curry, coconut, Indian food, ...that's all I can think of right now. There's probably more.

Things easy to get reasonably priced in Japan but not at home: yukata, geta, Japanese fabrics, Japanese cucumber, custom-hemmed pants, flat-eyed lash curlers(I'm guessing; never looked at home), double-eyelid cosmetics (again guessing), pretty delicate detailed stationery, neat little Japanese bonsai decoration pieces, cute character bento boxes and accessories, nice expensive looking Japanese kitchenware... I must come back to this list when I go shopping before going home.

I'm still the hungry caterpillar. I guess I can't make any promises until I've made my way to butterfly.
(I had Rumi translate that book to me on Friday for English Club. We found it in Japanese... then after she finished turning the Japanese into English "so that I could understand" we found the English version! I'll have her read it to me next time.)
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