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Friday, May 20, 2005
 Doesn't Feel Like Friday

The gym was so quiet when I got there today. It was eerie. When I left, though, there was a huge long line for the hip hop class. Not just young ladies, mostly older actually. I shouldn've stayed to watch. Ran 20 minutes, 3.something km. It's hot in there, not like running outdoors. Then took a yoga class with a hairy-legged bike-shorts-wearing but yasashii older instructor. I like that class. I still don't think it's very good yoga, though I've never taken yoga before. It's just really too quick to fully stretch and use muscles. The music is pretty bad too.

What matters is that I feel good!

Unsweetened soy milk doesn't feel good! It's fine in macaroni and cheese though. This stuff is salty. When did I become able to eat a whole box in one meal.

Took pictures today while walking from visit school of the first of the water-covered tanbo of the season. I like how it reflects the houses and sky. I don't like how icky it looks up close. Bugs are everywhere, bouncing off my face when I walk and ride my bike.

For English Club, we had two English teachers join the fun, which made it three teachers and one student. Rumi doesn't mind though. We couldn't find The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar in English! We saw two Japanese versions but the English one disappeared, so I asked her to read The Giving Tree (in English). She read it aloud to us while we helped her understand each page. All three of them were unfamiliar with the story and Shel Silverstein, so they were quite into it. At the end, they seemed pretty moved and impressed with the book, including the drawings. Cool, no? I told them about A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends. Maybe they will share with other Japanese people, maybe with students.

Bought some goodies at Muji to share with the left pocket. Sale stuff only. It looks yummy and so Japanese.

Gotta do laundry!
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