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Saturday, May 07, 2005

4/3 Orchard Road

OA Bakery & Cafe
Taiwanese Beef Noodle, S$5.00. Nice atmosphere and service at this place. Not so many choices on the menu though.

Teck Kee Tanglin Pau
It's just on the next block from OA Bakery & Cafe. I snagged a Lo Mei Kai, S$1.40.

Good even after sitting through a movie! It looks so yummy and it was! Not too dry, chewy, tasty. YUMYUMYUM! When I got to the bottom (MouseOver picture) I flipped it over so you can see all the meat and the bonus piece of charsiu.

Crystal Jade Cakery
This is right next to the restaurant in Ngee Ann City. Seems like a very popular bakery; there was always a long line that stretched along the back wall behind that island on the right.

I tried one of their Pork Floss buns, S$1.40 and a Pandan cupcake, S$1.00. The pork floss bun was delicious and I didn't expect it to have creamy butter inside with the pork floss. Woooaa. YUMYUMYUM! The pandan cupcake was much better than the slice from Cake History. It was moist and tender and had that eggy chiffon bite to it. YUMYUMYUM!

Good ol' Plaza Singapura's KOPITIAM...
Rojak, S$3.00. I finally tried rojak. The sauce is a bit rich for a salad and those doughnut sticks are always too oily but the crunchy abundance of vegetables were refreshing. YUM!

Good ol' Carrefour...
Carrefour is a chain market/drug store giant place like Target or Wal-mart. I drank the Pepsi Fire that night but it wasn't that good. I brought everything else back with me. I've already drunk all but one of my Soursop juice boxes YUMYUM! and Fruit-tella YUMYUM! and Mee Goreng. I ate the KOKA Laksa bowl YUMYUMYUM! and TimTams YUMYUMYUM! and Mangoes YUMYUM and Nissin Cup Noodles Laksa YUM.

Singapore's Yoshinoya is more like California's than Japan's but it was disappointing because the vegetables were tasteless and both the teriyaki sauce and kara-age were way too salty. Even the rice was...eh.. I think this combo was S$6.something.

Singapore Beehoon for breakfast

Marinated chicken(?) and cheese sandwiches with grapes, apple juice and mini Toblerone. The sandwich was really yummy!

Emvious yet again..!!
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