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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
 Finally Turning Japanese

Ran 1km on treadmill. Did the yoga class but was disappointed. My back hurts. The instructor for the "original" yoga on Monday is better. It may be a non-challenging class but at least I get some relaxation out of it. She has good pace.

Today at school I looked around the library and was amused to find in English Jane Eyre, The Tale of Genji, Japanese Children's Folktales, a fat Danielle Steele novel, Soseki's I am a Cat, The Neverending Story, The Iliad.. it's huge. The library also has The Giving Tree but I found that earlier because it's near the entrance.

Check out Yoshimoto[edit: Yoshitomo] Nara's artwork. He's lived in Germany and apparently he lectured at UCLA while I was there. Now he lives in Tokyo.

Only recently did I look at a book about Miffy and Dick Bruna. Now I think much more of Miffy. I used to think she was just another Japanese character. She's 50 years old this year.

Anyway, today rained a teeny bit. It's been cold for this time of year. I've been cold. It's not nice. Spring is by far the best season in this part of Japan, so where is the sun and warmth! Sensei said she heard on the news last night that next month will also be colder than usual temperature-wise. What does that mean if it's muggy and rainy? Cold rain? Noooo! Maybe there will be no typhoons this year. Haha.

A student remembered "What's up!" and used it today, only it was like three seconds after I had passed her and said hello, so I didn't understand what she was saying at first. Still she and her friends were excited.

Today I ate two onigiri I got last night for half off. Sake-wakame or salmon seaweed and tori-gomoku or chicken mixed rice. The second one tasted like the brown rice I used to like from Happi House. I don't know what makes it taste like that.

This is one of the times during the year when students have to come to their homeroom teachers and have individual conferences. It's weird, the teachers ask them about their schedules after school, from what time they leave school, to going to juku, to when they get home, eat, relax, bathe, to how much they study, and what time they go to bed. They ask if they like such and such subjects, and the students are very honest about what they don't like. It's funny how teachers can ask these details but they don't really know the students' names.

Gwen Stefani is nuts. This Harajuku Girls song is barf! What is hair-a-zhew-coo anyway. I only like her songs about relationships.

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