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Monday, May 02, 2005

Yesterday (Saturday) I got a[nother] bad haircut. But looking at this site let me feel better!

Today the left pocket and I went to the mall and I looked at girly shops all day. He's so nice. Thank you left pocket.

I wanted a hat but I couldn't find one worth it. I got a neat top for 1000yen.

Had matcha milk boba which was super rich (that's matcha...) but good. Very yummy, hit the spot since I was craving boba. Used to get boba all the time in college.

Tried a restaurant called Ohachi, it's similar to Ootoya but different enough to be a nice change. The left pocket had a really good wet tonkatsu dinner for 710yen and I had a [tastes like Panda Express chow mein without noodles] vegetable stir-fry dinner for 650yen. Yummy lemon water too.

Tried on a scent called Zen for the day. Went on too strong earlier but right about now I kinda like it.
izzat Zen, az in Zhizeido (Shiseido)??

Ah, that's a classic!
I never ever get a good haircut anymore.. since i came to Canada..! i think they donch know how to cut asian's hair.???
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