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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
 Gung Gung is not well

My mom is with her parents in Hawaii. Usually she writes to me with her computer but she must be busy. That's why I heard the news from my dad, who is taking care of home. I don't know if I will get to see my Gung Gung again. I wanted to really. There was a reunion but I guess as far as I knew being in Japan was more important than visiting. I kept saying I would go see my Gung Gung and Popo when I was done with my job in Japan. Just a few months left, short enough I thought. Then when my mom went to take care of Gung Gung earlier this month I looked at my free schedule and thought about taking the opportunity to go to Hawaii but I figured I would be jama with him needing lots of attention and care.

I'm talking like I feel guilty because I do. I had a fine day. I had a fun day. It was a nice day and I didn't really think about my Gung Gung. He even had a heart attack. I went to the gym and took a step class before going shopping for things I don't need in the least. He has cancer. I had a kaitenzushi lunch with Sensei while the other teachers were diligently grading midterm exams and then took an extra two hours with her to enjoy a stroll to the mall where she was sold a 50000yen jacket to wear for her great niece's wedding which she doesn't want to attend.

Supposed to write to my mom but what can I say. You must be tired. There must be hurting. I don't want anyone to suffer. How are you? Hello to Gung Gung. Your granddaughter is thinking about you.
Sorry to hear about your Gung Gung .. FP.. :(
I hope you do call though.. :)
your thoughts already tell a lot--he will know
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