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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
 Gym Addict

Woke up happy!

Sun was bright.

At school I had a couple not bad classes. First group had eight volunteers! Second group had two, so I had those two pick more to come up to the front. It's funny how sometimes the mention of a prize persuades the first volunteers to go for it. I often hear urge their classmates, Hey let's get a prize! Anyway, I keep in mind Sensei's advice and just have fun. If nobody answers me I gotta talk to them one by one even if it's not as fun.

When I saw the roses I left on my desk overnight I was surprised at how big they opened up. They smell so nice. I wish I could capture the smells with the pictures.

I took the opportunity to go buy some bread during 2nd period with Sensei. She was hungry but I just thought I'd check it out not alone for once and get a snack for the afternoon. The I always say konnichiwa to the bread ladies because I have to pass them to get into the cafeteria, but they were especially chatty when Sensei started remarking how good certain breads were and something about choosing. The bread ladies are just there to sell the stuff but they like to point out when one is tezukuri or handmade, like the little French bread sandwiches I like.

Sensei said she would like to eat outside in the square but she's hazukashii because students are outside running on the field all the time. I told her not to be. I like to sit out there too, it's really sunny and there are plenty of empty benches under the trees during class time. So today she did.

Exercising really takes care of my appetite. I used to want to eat constantly at work, sitting at my desk with not much to do. Now I don't ever feel extremely hungry, even when it's time to get lunch before the students attack the cafeteria. Still, I got omurice today. I couldn't eat it all at once, just about half. Isn't that neat?

Took picture with last year's three members of ESS club. They were gonna do peace signs but I suggested thumbs up because it's not so typically Japanese. Don't you think?

There's a first year student, the one who has visited Australia twice, who speaks English so well. She likes to talk and she's just not afraid of anything. She was waiting for the teacher who sits next to me and she kept talking and talking. It's great. She started going to Nova during Spring vacation because she enjoys speaking English so much. I asked if her family speaks English and she said no. She's just got a knack for it, I guess.

Tonight I jogged 1.5km on the treadmill while waiting for the first lesson in the studio room. It was an aerobics class and it wasn't beginner but it wasn't advanced. It had some tricky steps and the instructor wasn't really good at breaking things down. It wasn't only me not understanding Japanese, other people weren't keeping up and the lady in front of me (I was last row) kept turning back and saying, Can't see at all, huh! She was kinda annoyed I think. She had trouble with the steps too. It was too crowded. I bumped with the lady next to me who at times wasn't getting it either, we laughed and said gomennasai. Right after that class was a popular one, I mean you have to get in line for a number an hour before the class starts. I thought it was gonna be like crunches and strength stuff but people right away started setting up step platforms and getting different weights out. The lady who couldn't see was waiting next to me and again mentioned how she couldn't see during the last class. I set up my step next to her and she helped me set up the weights, starting me with the smallest, 1.25kg. I thanked her. That class started with squats and other weird stick-out-you-butt stuff. It didn't feel that good. I liked when we lay on our backs and did bench presses at different speeds to music. Then we did more weird stick-out-your-butt stuff which was kinda fun because we got to lift the weight bar above us like we were buff but it kinda didn't feel good because we were bending forward and straightening up to use our back muscles. Sounds bad to me. I was glad when that class was over. Now I'm pooped.

Ate some half-off bamboo and hijiki and kara-age(!) with my rice. Ate too fast I couldn't swallow. Filled up fast too. Tired... but happy!
oh, do be careful with your back--need to work your way up to strenuous stuff! but have fun!

and yeah, thumbs up is good--what'd the Fonz use to say...?
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