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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
 "I'm going to try to improve my manners."

First day back at base school after "GW". TT. These days, depending on the class and the teacher, I get so frustrated no matter how much I try to prepare and tell myself to be patient. One class was dead silent. It bothers me because they all know the answer to what I'm talking about but not one will make a sound. Of course I could pick out a student but that is no fun. All the teacher has to do is say a few encouraging or simply rump-spurring words in Japanese and the class would keep going but so many times I'm tired of talking for nothing and I look over and I'm on my own because the teacher is just watching the students. No sense of urgency. Sometimes I wonder if nobody else is uncomfortable with sitting and waiting for time to run out.

I was reading a Japan Times newspaper at my desk. Some students came to ask me something because nobody else was around. The first one points and gasps and looks at her friends. I turned to the front to show them It's the Japan Times. "It's all in English!" She'd never seen an English newspaper before, seriously. "I can't read it!" but as soon as she said that she gasped and pointed again at a word, "I can read it! LONDON!"

Later on after I guided her to the desk she was looking for she exclaimed how good my English pronunciation was...

In another TT class I had some great volunteers. Granted, unlike the other classes who made sure to take their notes up to the front of the class with them to read from, these volunteers didn't care what they were volunteering for and went up unprepared; granted, the girl who started it has spent time abroad in Australia, nevertheless it's impressive how those good sports made up their own dialogues on the spot in front of the class.

I got a slight bleach smudge on my sweater sleeve.

I got a nice card from Maki. She was a third year last year and I helped her writing and preparing for interviews for college. She's at Sophia University now at Faculty of Comparitive Culture, where she says "there are students from international schools and people like me that have lived in other countries and some that have never been out of Japan and some native English speakers." Maki lived in Indiana during elementary school and she basically sounds like a native speaker of English. She wrote in her essay that she wanted to work for the UN. When I saw The Interpreter, I thought of Maki.

Speaking of graduated students, Hiroko is now at Tokyo Foreign Language University(?), Toko is at JCU(?), a private school, and Moe who studied abroad for a year in New Zealand right before graduating is now studying Spanish at university. I helped them with writing. Hiroko improved a lot and surprised me with her fluency. I hope she continues using her English writing skills.

I had kitsune udon at school for lunch today. It's not as good as visit school udon!

Time for goodnight.

Weezer Make Believe
i have many doubts about my motives i have many fears about my greed i have always hurt the one that i love so ill turn and look the other way

how is your heart little darlin i didnt mean to get so mad let me just hold you closely how did things get so bad i know how to pick on you you push me over the edge we cause so much agony we cant seem to move ahead this is such a pity we should give our love to each other not this hate that destroys us what kind of future will we have will we ever find peace

i tried my best i gave my all sometimes my best wasn't good enough for you sometimes i let you go sometimes i hurt you so i know that i can be the meanest person in the world so I apologize to u and to anyone else that i hurt too I may not be a perfect soul but i can learn self control so pardon me my friend i never thought that anyone was more important than the plans I made. but now I feel the shame. there's no one else to blame for all the broken hearts scattered on the field of war so I apologize to u and anyone else that i hurt too I may not be a perfect soul but i can learn self control so pardon me my friend

im going to try to improve my manners everyone, yes everyone is my friend

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