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Saturday, May 07, 2005

4/1 Chinatown 2

At Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market/Food Centre...

50's Fried Carrot Cake. Chili on the side. He gave us disposable chopsticks too.

Small, S$2.00. YUMYUMYUM!

The left pocket saw this duck...

I don't care for duck but it looks pretty good.

Back out on the street...

At Cake History, a nicely displayed corner bakery...

First the curry puffs caught my eye, then the soft floss breads and variations, then the cakes, oh there was so much that looked good.This lady was making fresh waffles with fruit.

(MouseOver picture)
Here's my Fluffy Pork Floss, S$1.30 YUMYUMYUM!

Pandan cake, S$0.50. It was dry, not really chiffon cake.

Kaya buns, S$1.60. I didn't even eat these the same day but they were still super soft and moist. YUMYUMYUM!

Heading over to the railway station...

We wanted to try Ramly burgers but didn't know that they open after 6pm.

Back in the other direction...

At the popular Maxwell Food Centre...

This one got awards...

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, S$3.00. I think I liked this one best. YUMYUMYUM!

So many fruit drinks. What to try, what to try...

Soursop Drink, S$1.00 YUMYUM! Glad I tried soursop! It's not especially sour. It's not strange, but it's not like any fruit I've tasted. Are you supposed to eat the stringy chunks of fruit?

a flower outside Raffles Hotel, where you can't get in if you're wearing shorts

at Parco Bugis Foodcourt...

Fried Kway Teow, S$3.50
No cockles, no lard, no lapcheong, nothing special. I wouldn't recommend this place. Was kinda like chow fun.

Chwee Kueh, S$1.00 (UP 1.20)
One of the ladies working at this Original Delights place tried to charge me S$1.50 for the chwee kueh which was on special for S$1.00! She claimed she thought I said six! What?! bleh...

At a temporary stand outside the foodcourt by Yang Hua Cake House...

Popiah! S$2.00 YUMYUMYUM! I watched the guy make it; first sauce, then an extra layer of wrapper, nuts, cucumber, imitation crab, lettuce, and stewed turnip.
It was warm and crunchy and juicy all at once. I'd never had anything like it but I want some more!

When will these show up in the states too? Good deal, 10minutes, S$10.00. People like to stand right in front and watch, though. It's not that embarrassing in Japan.

Across the steet...

Long John Silver's Combo 1, S$3.60. Yummy but this place had the worst customer service! The girl taking orders said they only had Medium size cups so is it okay. I said Free? She said just 30 cents more. I said No, I don't want that much. She suggested again that they were out of cups so it's just 30 cents more is that okay. I said No. She said something to another girl and looked under the counter and pulled out a Small sized cup and I got what I wanted. Unfortunately people before and after me still got scammed. Not only that; after the left pocket waited a long time for his order he had to ask the same girl and wait twice for sauce before he finally got what he asked for. Ridiculous!

By the way, after eating we saw Ramly wrappers on the ground. I wonder if they came all the way from the station?
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