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Saturday, May 07, 2005

4/2 Orchard Road

I thought this was pretty cool. It's on a crosswalk on Orchard.

Inside Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City...

I said I was determined to try another kaya toast after Killiney Kopitiam. Here we go!

Quite simple process...

Ya Kun Set A, S$3.70. YUMYUM!
Ya Kun slices the toast thinner so it's almost like getting twice as much as we got at Killiney. It was nice.

Chicken Rice, S$3.50. For some reason I didn't remember the other chicken rices being so cold. Despite the server telling me this was "good one" I couldn't eat much of it. This one wasn't boneless or skinless.

Curry Chicken puff, S$1.00. I never tried the other curry puffs (Old Chang Kee, etc.) but judging by looks I think I got the one I'd have enjoyed most. The flaky crust was awesome.

Inside was potato and some chicken but I don't think there was any egg. It was great though. YUMYUM!

Jump to the Heeren...

HMV in Singapore has a chart each for Chinese and Japanese music. No other place I've been to has so much available together.

I forget where this restaurant was but it had covered kaitenzushi. Neat! I'm also not sure what exactly the ice cream buffet is but it sounds really good.

Back to Ngee Ann City...

One of the many Crystal Jade Kitchen restaurants. This one was rather visible and inviting. We made it dinner.

Shrimp won-ton in soup, S$6.30 for 6 won-ton stuffed with fat, juicy shrimp! YUMYUMYUM!

Crispy noodle with beef and vegetable, S$9.80. Delicious with perfect, tender beef. YUMYUMYUM! This was my pick. The serving wasn't as small as Japanese servings but not as much as I am used to from Chinese restaurants in the states.

Steamed scallop with bean curd in black bean sauce, S$11.80. Very nice soft tofu and tasty sauce. YUMYUMYUM! Picked by the left pocket. That's where I put my share of the scallops too. He likes scallops.

Here's what the inside of the Kaya bread was like. Interesting green color and so yummy.

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