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Thursday, May 19, 2005
 "Shall We kuru-zu?"

How about I work on a cruise ship with international people and live in Hawaii while not working?

There are two See's Candies shops (in the Kanto region, at least) in Japan. "Flown fresh from California" haha.

Should I go back to school so I can be a nutritionist? Then I might be more uptight than I already am.

I read a news article about a little kids' school in NJ that teaches five year olds to be uptight, I mean teaches them that eating healthy is important to have a healthy body. It's just kinda not good that it sounds like they brainwash them with images of the food pyramid and ideas like you should eat lots of apples and pretzels for healthy snacks.

Jack Johnson is from Hawaii, I didn't know. That's cool.

Goodnight. Tomorrow's a hot one!
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