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Monday, May 09, 2005

I smell like OFF! with DEET.

Ran to the river tonight. Mypace.

The left pocket is making one and a half chicken breasts with black bean sauce from packet.

Last night I made Mee Rebus from box using yakisoba noodles and had the other huge serving at visit school for lunch today. Japanese teachers saw it and asked if it was kare (Japanese curry), if it was so-su aji (in Japanese, sauce is a specific flavor)... It's kind of like when I showed students at base school an American Denny's menu and they pointed at the picture of the green key lime pie, Ah! Matcha!

Why do I smell like Off! I should smell like Envy by Gucci. It reminds me of an old Victoria's Secret lotion I used but they discontinued. What was it called, I forget.

While running I caught nasty whiffs of that smell that apparently comes from some kind of plant during this season. There's also one area that I go by that always smells like Easter. It's not so unpleasant; it's like the vinegar dye for Easter eggs. I'll never know why it smells that way, though.

Not at night, but during the light hours that I had to walk around in to get to and from school, there were little gnats everywhere. They kept landing on me, on my pants and sleeves and in between my jacket and shirt collars. I had to shake them off but some would get smashed in, bleh. More than one ran into my face and I think I smeared one on my lip/chin trying to flick it off, bleh! My face was clear at one point but when I got home and looked in the mirror there was a little black mangled thing with a wing sticking out right there on my face in my grin crease. eew. I hope I didn't inhale any. I'm lucky they aren't out by the time I run because I'm really sucking in air then.

I got bird-pooped on today too on the way to school. Noticed a little brown worm on my knuckle and freaked and tried to brush it off but I killed it--no, I just smeared the nasty bird poop that it was. Oh well, it's just bird poop. I was almost to the school and I washed my hands before it got messy. Lucky it wasn't anywhere else...

New softer toilet paper at visit school. Last I knew, they used this rrrrrough stuff that was more like paper towels, those brown recycled paper kinds they use for art class. I always wondered if the quality of TP at my schools was to match the quality of students. Base school has really smooth delicate toilet paper. Visit school had butt tissue fit for prisoners... in my opinion. Now, however, visit school has nice fluffy, even perforated TP. The students are getting better...

Why do the bad looking boys (scary, orange hair, shaved and shaped eyebrows, make-up, etc.) who sit in the back like to have rolls of TP on their desks?

I smell food!
don't judge by the cover--rough on the outside but the butt is so-ooo tender! ;D
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