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Sunday, May 15, 2005
 Too Much Info... but I don't want it in my head

Woke up early enough to have time to speed over to market through narrow scary side-of-road path. That's so ghetto, when will they fix that for non-car people. I've decided to go to newer market in the opposite direction from now on anyway. Neither of them have non-fat milk though.

Grabbed "American Cherry" containers for nice teacher taking me to tea and for host. Grabbed three mini croissants for 100yen and had time to eat one for breakfast.

Cold misty morning transformed into bright warm wonderful day.

Rode in car to neighboring city, saw beautiful rose garden and ate yummy goodies with nice Japanese people, including kids and a doggie.

Received my own personal hoard of nice teacher's famous homemade cheesecake and chocolate cake! Lucky!

(listening to good old KCRW. Can I work for them when I go home? Remind myself to check out Nikka Costa...)

I liked the Black Tea rose the best. It's huge and has a unique warm deep woodsy yet fresh coral brick color. I've never seen it before. Haha, actually, it's kinda like red rock. Creamy red rock. Took home four roses, none Black Tea, learned supposedly how to take care of them...although they don't seem too happy right now. I put them in water up to their necks for half an hour, then cut the tip while it was underwater, then poured out some of the water. Kept getting poked by thorny thorns. ow! I don't blame them for not liking the water. There's floaty stuff in it. I didn't buy drinking liquid later at the market because I had already spent all the money in my wallet and I didn't have room in my bike basket. Sad, huh.

E-mailed mum.

Went out to eat and check out gym and go shopping (the looking and the bringing home vegetables kind).

Picked up magazine outside lobby, spontaneously asked a staff dude a question and got drawn in while he was trying to show me because I didn't understand all in words. Thought I was waiting for him to come back and take me on a tour but he never came back so another dude said he'd go annai shimasu. While on tour I caught sight of friend and she kindly agreed to help me sign up so that I could get the entrance fee nixed and we both got point cards and chances to get free gifts. Nice guy talked me through all these surveys and sign up sheets using easier Japanese. I can start tomorrow! Then he said I needed shoes for inside-use only. Darn.

Went shoe-shopping. On way, tried the Red Curry at Asian Cup Stand. Tasted good but why so oily and fatty meat! Green curry was better.

I saw the little citrus beaded coinpurse I like for 525yen. Also saw pretty yukata for 3900-6900yen or so, and bows for 2100yen and pretty geta for under 2000yen.

Went to shoe stores. One had the saddest athletic section for women. What's wrong with them. The sports store had better selection. Splurged and got the expensive but super cool looking wide ones for my flat feet. It was the last pair so I asked about a discount. I pointed out that they were kinda not clean... and it worked! I had to think about it still, though, so when I finally took the box up to the cashier the lady there wasn't about to give me any discount, "Sorry, the price is the price," but then I saw the guy who said I'd get a discount and he came over and was all genki and nice but the lady just turned away and did stuff on the computer.

(I just caught myself talking to myself while looking at the food in my fridge. It's scary, it really is! hearing myself, not the food.)

Looked around 100yen shop. Bought some scary eyelashes from cosmetics section to try. 105yen beats 1400yen! Can't call them silly till I play with them once.

From the shoe purchase I got a bunch of tickets to fill out and place in drawings for my choice of things from the mall! There were meals, outfits, items, toys... lots to choose from but I put all my tickets in the drawing for a spree at the 100yen shop. I bet I win! I had to write my address so many times today. Lots of practice!

In all I looked at clothes, belts, denim jackets, shirts for work, bags, shoes, earrings, watches, perfumes, cosmetics... but after the shoes and all I barely had 1000yen so I tried to head to the market. There I got "low-fat" 1.5%milk, 38yen sad little spinach, sirloin steak, onions, bottle of tea for tomorrow, 298yen sushi/udon bento for dinner, 99yen salad for part of lunch tomorrow...

It's not so bad. It's quite nice.

I feel girly.

I like Iwasaki Chihiro's paintings.

if you gently use your thumb to break each scary thorn off the stem one by one, especially where your hands always handle the rose, they'll be a lot more enjoyable! it can be kind of satisfying too, popping those buggers off!
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